Fine Crafts Handmade in Detroit, Michigan

About Us

Sam and I are a pair of Geminis born 1 day shy of 3 years apart.  As brothers, we comprise GoRay Productions, a collaborative effort to produce various art forms from various media, in order to offer tangible pieces of our minds to the world.

We create more than what is categorized on the website, and there is bound to be some one-off stuff popping up here and there, as we follow our inclinations whenever a new medium or concept presents itself to us.  This is v2.5 of our website, so it'll likely continue to evolve with the passage of time.

Check out Sam's lighter cases Etsy shop and my origami Etsy shop.  We both use modular media forms and geometric arrays in order to achieve our patterns, Sam's lighter case patterns in the 2nd dimension and my origami in the 3rd.  The relation between our crafts is synthesized through the final configurations, with many of Sam's lighter case patterns representing a 2D profile of my 3D origami.

Sam is the originator of his Perler Bead Lighter Cases and has perfected the form over the past 5+ years.  Often imitated, never duplicated, he has mastered dozens of patterns with hundreds of color combinations, and has also adapted some of the most classic characters in pop culture to his cases.  Each case fits BIC lighters like a skin and are durable and reusable, sure to stand the test of time (if you can keep it from being snatched by your friends!)  For as little as $10, you can accessorize your lighter with a piece of art that you can carry everywhere you go, that you'll use every single day.

I learned my origami folds from YouTube.  Though I did not design the modules, there are many configurations that I developed independent of any tutorial or instruction.  Having mastered the folds in paper, I innovated the modular origami through other media such as overhead transparency films, cigarillo wrappers, and my most unique medium of all, aluminum drink cans.  I make ornamental 2" and 3" metal origami, as well as functional lights that currently range from about 8" to roughly 2 feet in diameter.  Whether you need a simple paper origami ornament, or a full fledged metal chandelier with 151 points of light, I'm glad to make it happen for you.  I have also developed a series of posters using cigar bands that used to come wrapped around machine rolled blunts, before they were virtually eliminated from the market in preference to the cigarillo pouches that I now fold into origami.  My main focus is to transform what is typically considered vice into virtuous reminders that even if we're crippled, even if crutches are self-imposed, they can actually help propel us rather than merely clamp us in paralysis.

We just make the stuff, help us sell it :)  If you have a custom request, please contact us.

- Ben